Video Format information

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Feature: The ability to be able to see what format my media is.

Reason: I use a different program for Movies, I could use it for tv shows too but I prefer to use tvrename for many reasons. The other program gives a nice table showing 2 columns that I find hugely useful, which are Resolution (Format) and Bit-rate. The thing is I've been collecting my tv shows for a long long time and back then I would have a lot of (for example) 360p @ 923 bitrate, or 480p @ 1025 bitrate. I would like to replace them with 720p or 1080 and above. So having these values would help me to locate them and update them.

Where: Its up to you but I just had a look and maybe, when you click on a show, then there are tabs, The Summary tab might be ideal? As you have a table there already.

There is other data you could include, like, Codec, the year, the imdb rating, if has subtitles? etc
Also I just sent you guys a tip because your software is fantastic.

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Comments: 0